An immersive sensorial journey
from Land to Sea


Welcome to the exciting itinerary that celebrates the unique identities of Sciacca's historic neighborhoods. This project aims to preserve and enhance Sciacca's thousand-year-old traditions through an experiential and emotional journey that connects the past to the present. The itinerary unravels through places steeped in history and authenticity. From the Ancient Mill of Sciacca, where tourists will transform into millers for a day, to the suggestive Grotte del Caricatore, the heart of creativity and taste. Each place tells a precious part of Sciacca's history.


sensory experiences intertwine with musical notes and theatrical scenarios

Who we are

Every private space is realized only in hospitality. And so it becomes public. Every public space is realized only in the encounter between people.
                                                                                                 (Fabrice Hadjadj)

Grotte del Caricatore are a space/museum in which to spend quality time, share special moments with friends or simply feel good. Events, moments of sharing and connection are fundamental for us: they are the ones that make up our space and make it alive. And from this thought Grotte del Caricatore was born, more than an event location, a lounge club, a unique environment in which to work, organize conferences and meetings, present a book, enjoy and appreciate original musical and theatrical moments, discover and experiment with the products of traditional and international cuisine, a flexible space designed to adapt to every need. Here everything becomes an experience, an inspiration.

become a partner

Grotte del Caricatore is a social promotion association allocated inside the ancient and best known grain pits, dug into the living rock, which made up the medieval Caricatore di Sciacca.

We have thought of this space as a dedicated place to the inspirations, ideas and contaminations that move our imagination and our creativity.
Here we will tell you what we like and which fills our daily spaces with value, in the hope of passing on ideas and suggestions that you can make your own.

To participate in events you must acquire the status of partner, being such does not imply any legal and fiscal obligation, but the conditio sine qua non to live our experiences, enjoy the space at your own measure, receive our programming in advance, be able to book in advance participation in events.

Ancient grain loader caves

Sciacca owes everything to the "loader": they were the warehouses where the grains were stored waiting to be loaded onto the ships at the base of its port, the famous "blond gold" which made the city rich and coveted in the Middle Ages. originally they were probably rock dwellings or burials, later transformed into underground environments, and then used as granaries. They were dug out of the rock and had the characteristic "inverted funnel" shape, with access from above, connected by tunnels called "cannoli".

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